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Welcome to Studio Yoga 6
Heather Hiett
Yoga - Chris Hoskins - Uttihita Trkonasana
Classes at Studio Yoga 6 are Hatha Yoga taught in the spirit of the Krishnamacharya lineage, with elements
of the Iyengar, Jois and Desikachar approaches. Our personal Yoga practice and study, as well insights from
our students contribute to our teaching. Our interest is in how the adaptive nature of Hatha Yoga practice
enhances the human spirit and affects the quality of our experience.  

We are excited about teaching in this diverse community of residents, professionals, live-work and
production people, artists and students. Studio Yoga 6 offers a place for you to venture from your beaten
path, de-stress, work your body and rejuvenate your spirit.

Classes are based on progressive adaptation. New beginners through advanced practitioners are welcome.
All Studio Yoga 6 classes are adapted for the range of those present.

If you have not been to the studio, you are invited to come and see the space. The studio is open 20
minutes before each scheduled class. Beginners are welcome at Studio Yoga 6.              
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Heather Hiett