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In Hatha Yoga, developing a solid foundation through basics is essential. This process involves
conditioning your body, mind and temperament through study, understanding and practice. Yoga practice
is also a personal art form - with it you can explore, experience and express your sensibilities. However, it
is necessary to understand approaches to arranging your body in order to do so, hence the Master Class.

The term Master Class here refers more to you the student, than to me the teacher. These classes are so
that you, the beginner, can continue developing your Mastery of the basics. The emphasis is on targeted
study and clarification. These sessions are designed to augment your ongoing class study.     

The difference between a Master Class and a regular class is the length and degree to which we go into
detailed analysis and explanation of important areas. Your questions receive more thorough answers and
there is more time for in-depth dialogue. Beginners’ Master Classes are recommended for beginners who
are enthusiastic about deepening their understanding of the basics, and experienced practitioners
interested in revisiting, reviewing and strengthening their foundation. Some of the areas of focus are:
Beginners' Master Class
Studio Yoga 6 Venture from your beaten path
  • Learning new asana & their names    
  • Particulars of breath & breath support
  • Anatomy of asana
  • Alignment & fully inhabiting the body   
  • Energetic qualities of the asana  
  • Qualities of movement & their affect

We also welcome suggestions on areas of interest to you.  

Please see
contact page to send suggestions of areas that interest you.

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