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Without incurring any cost, the Business-to-Business Program offers businesses the opportunity to
provide significant benefits and perks to their employees. This difficult period challenges workplace
morale. Downsized operations and diminished resources, reduction of employee benefits and cuts in staff
increase the workload and stress of remaining personnel.  

In the spirit of supporting and sustaining health, wellness and morale within the business community, we
offer the advantage of Yoga to businesses at reduced rates. Inquiries from interested business owners,
managers and other staff are welcome.
Contact us to learn more.

Rate reductions available for:

· All Class Series

· 1-3 One-on-One Yoga Trainings, or One-on-One Restorative Yoga Sessions

· 10-Pack of One-on-One Yoga Trainings, or One-on-One Restorative Yoga Sessions

· Beginners' Master Classes

· Workshops

· Gift certificate purchases

· Small-Group Series Classes
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Business-to-Business Program
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