Yoga - Chris Hoskins - Parsvakonasana
Chris began his Yoga study and practice in 1975. He learned the Hittleman approach as a junior in high
school in Hayward, CA. He then trained in the Desikachar, Jois and Iyengar approaches. He studied
Viniyoga with Leslie Kaminoff and Asthanga Yoga with Beryl Bender and Thom Birch (NYC). Chris
completed intense study at Piedmont Yoga Studio in Oakland, CA; finishing the 12-month Deep 99
Program with Rodney Yee, and the 18-month Advanced Studies 2000-01 Program with Rodney Yee, Mary
Paffard, Richard Rosen, and Patricia Sullivan.
Concurrent with his Yoga study and practice, Chris also began studying dance in 1975 at The Oakland
Ballet Academy. He performed from 1978-86 as a Principal/Soloist with Oakland Ballet, Cleveland Ballet
and Elliot Feld Ballet (NYC). He became a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in 1988 through Personal
Fitness & Bodywork Professionals Association. Chris studied at Laban Institute of Movement Studies in
the Certified Movement Analyst Program, 1992-93 (NYC), and Precise Applications of Diverse One-on-One
Training Techniques with Jeff Bell, 1997-98 (NYC). He began teaching group Yoga classes in New York City
from 1988-1998. He returned to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999 to advance his Yoga study.
He worked as a Yoga Teacher and Somatic Arts Trainer at The Club at The Claremont Resort & Spa in
Berkeley, CA, 1999-2009, while teaching classes, workshops and one-on-one independently throughout
the East Bay Area. Chris now teaches ongoing group classes, trains one-on-one, holds master classes
and conducts led practices at his studio, Studio Yoga 6 in Berkeley. He teaches adults, youth, seniors,
people with disabilities and special needs, athletes, martial artists and dancers. Chris is featured with
Rodney Yee and Christy Brock in Gaiam’s video release of Yoga for Athletes. He is featured in Yoga: A
Yoga Journal Book, by Linda Sparrowe and David Martinez.  
Chris feels Yoga is a deep unifier and liberator of spirit, heart, psyche, body and mind. He is passionate
about sharing the depth of his experience with his students. He uses his unique perception and
understanding of movement to help students explore the subtle emerging rhythm of the body-mind, and
inner dialogues that arise with Yoga practice.
Chris's Restorative Yoga Bio.
Chris Hoskins
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Yoga - Chris Hoskins - Full Twisting Lunge
Yoga - Chris Hoskins - Baddha Konasana
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