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Lisa first experienced the benefits of Yoga in 1973 at the age of thirteen. A genuine interest and
curiosity led her to explore the art of Yoga. As a teenager, Lisa studied with various Yoga teachers and
a Ballet teacher who incorporated Yoga into her dance instruction. The grounding effect of Lisa's Yoga
practice during her challenging teenage years, led her to pursue the study of Yoga into adulthood.  

Lisa is a graduate of the 18-month Advance Studies 2004 Program at the Piedmont Yoga Studio in
Oakland, CA, where she studied with Rodney Yee, Richard Rosen, Clare Finn and Maritza. She is also
influenced by the work of Angela Farmer and Chris Hoskins.   

Lisa teaches ongoing classes and trains one-on-one clients at The Claremont Resort & Spa in Berkeley,
CA, and Studio Yoga 6. She teaches adults, people with disabilities and special needs, seniors, Yoga for
teens, young athletes at USTA events in Santa Clara and women’s legal groups in Oakland and
Berkeley. She also does extensive Restorative Yoga work with cancer patients.

Lisa believes strongly in the healing power of Yoga and is deeply committed to helping others receive
its benefits. She is most interested in guiding her students towards inhabiting their bodies in a mindful
and connected way through the use of breath and focus.
Lisa's Restorative Yoga Bio.
Lisa Ray
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