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One-on-One Yoga Training is your opportunity to concentrate on your personal Yoga study and practice in
a private setting. The focus is exclusively on you. It creates a time for you to learn about and thoroughly
reflect on how Yoga and its benefits relate to you. This approach is establishes a clearly defined space in
which you cultivate in-depth understanding and deepen your practice.

One-on-One Yoga Training is sensible and practical. We begin with a dialogue that clarifies what in Yoga is
important to you. Then working from where you are and with your existing level of fitness, we develop an
approach that enhances and enriches your Yoga practice. You learn how fully adaptable Yoga is with this
style of training, and it allows you to explore the art and personal culture of your Yoga.
One-on-One Yoga Training
Yoga - Chris Hoskins - Twisting Lunge
It is appropriate for students at any level of experience. You have the option of doing only Active Yoga,
Restorative Yoga, or alternating as you prefer in any combination between active or restorative.

$100.00  Session (1-3 sessions)        $900.00  10-Session package        Sessions are 75 minutes    
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