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Studio Yoga 6 Classes
Ongoing Introductory-Level Start Off                               Chris Hoskins
Tuesday 5:15-6:45pm
Absolutely no experience is necessary to take this class. It is an introductory beginning class. The
philosophical premise of Yoga is introduced. You learn foundational poses, the fundamentals of breath
support and basic movements. Physical conditioning, learning descriptive language and spatial orientation
are emphasized. The approach is slow and measured in order to allow you time to become familiar with
Yoga. This class is specifically designed for those who are new to Yoga.

Ongoing Mixed-Level Moves                                              Chris Hoskins
Tuesday & Thursday 7:00-8:30pm                            
These are mixed-level advanced beginners' classes, with fun group learning dynamics. The philosophical
premise of Yoga is explored. You build your basic understanding, work at your appropriate level and begin
exploring how to constructively challenge your practice. We take a variety of approaches, ranging from
vigorous to passive.

Ongoing Lunch Time Yoga Basics                                      Lisa Ray
Wednesday 12:00-1:00pm                                         
This mixed-level class is designed for the lunchtime crowd interested in taking a real break from their
workday, in order to move, breathe deeply and be refreshed. It is the perfect mid-week activity to ground
you and propel you through the rest of your workweek! New beginners through advanced practitioners
are welcome

NOTE: If you are new to Yoga and have no experience, take the Ongoing Introductory-Level
Start Off or Ongoing Lunchtime Yoga Basics classes, or set up a
Small-Group Series Class as your
introduction to Yoga for your group; also see
Approaching Your Hath Yoga Study.

Specifics of Approach Recurring Class Series                     Chris Hoskins
Friday 11:00am-12:30pm    
Conducted as a recurring 6-class pre-paid series                                            
This is a basic mixed-level recurring class series, in which we break down the specifics of various
approaches to poses, movement and the ideas behind them. The emphasis is on learning and
understanding important details that are at the heart of Hatha Yoga. Commitment to attendance and
participation are the reasons for its format. Appropriate for new beginners through advanced practitioners

6 – Class Series       $90.00 (no make-ups / no drop-ins)       8 – Student minimum       
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Series-A: 2017 Dates to be announced

Ongoing Creative Vinyasa                                                   Chris Hoskins
Saturday 9:00-11:00am                                                   
This is a challenging class in which we do a variety of poses through movement transitions and
approaches that are fun, interesting and often unconventional. It creates a playful space in which your
understanding of the practice is refined. The emphasis is on integrating and adapting your understanding
while moving, in order to create and experience flowing connectivity. The life Yoga philosophy breathes
into asana and how asana breathes into life are deeply explored.  

NOTE: Do not eat before Creative Vinyasa class. Participation in this class requires experience,
conditioning, a strong familiarity with fundamentals and an established capability in the basics. It is
appropriate for intermediate through advanced practitioners, and experienced beginners who practice
regularly; it is not for new beginners.
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