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Group classes are where you find, learn and pick up the jewels of Yoga. Personal Yoga practice, also
referred to as home practice, is when you practice Yoga on your own. It is when you shape, polish,
personalize and take ownership of your Yoga. The rich fruits of Yoga are cultivated in the field of personal
practice, it is a space in which deep connectivity between your body, mind and spirit are cultured

We encourage all students who attend classes at Studio Yoga 6 to embark upon their journey of personal
Yoga practice. We enthusiastically offer support through our willingness to answer questions and engage
in discussion with students who want to begin their personal practice, as well as those who have an
established practice. Emphasizing simplicity and practicality in personal practice, we honor the philosophy
of less is more, and that it is important to begin with what you feel you understand and with what is safe
in order to experience being empowered and avoid injury.  

Personal Yoga Practice Clinics are designed as a space in which you develop and refine your home
practice, by strengthening your understanding of various approaches. The point is to hone your focus on
how to do what benefits you in the most appropriate way.

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Personal Yoga Practice Clinic
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