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I am relatively new to Yoga but I really enjoyed a basic class from Chris Hoskins at Studio Yoga 6. I went
with a coworker who swears by it and was genuinely impressed with the style - which is an unique
corrections, suggestions, and adaptations are made, as well as the atmosphere - a quaint little studio
with a really friendly group of people. It definitely augmented what I have learned from various instructors
at Ironworks and it made me want to get more serious about yoga - to make sure I do it right and don't
injure myself, and the cost isn't bad for the quality of service rendered. I will go back. And on a personal
note, the yoga was just a great release to a crazy day, week, and beyond.

                                                                                                            Sarah Kell, 11/7/08       
I teach 18 children's dance classes a week, as well as dancing recreationaly. For the past three years
Chris Hoskins' yoga teaching (which inspired my own solo practice) has kept me major-injury-free and in
the best shape since my performing career ended 15 years ago. Chris is one of the best movement the
best shape since my performing career ended 15 years ago. Chris is one of the best movement issues
quickly and accurately, and a gift for weaving physical, energy, and spiritual information into a teachers I
have encountered in three decades on two coasts. He has an incredible eye for alignment, a seamless
fabric of teaching. This is not superficial practice, and the great thing about starting a personal breadth
and depth of experience that lets him connect to a multiplicity of levels, needs, personalities, and practice
with Chris' help is that, unlike Pilate's and some other forms of body conditioning, yoga practice savior.
And you work with your body even if you have a desk job, don't you?
                                                                                                            Valerie Gutwirth, 2/2/08
I rolled out of bed this morning and stood up. I felt like my torso was hovering over my hip sockets. I
stood tall with no stiffness in my lower back. Then I remembered why: last night was yoga class with
Chris Hoskins.

What's more, I know that I can achieve this feeling again when I practice on my own. Chris doesn't just
lead the class through a series of poses, he teaches. He talks the class through each phase of a pose
using a combination of metaphors and direct physiological explanations. And when we arrive in the proper
alignment, Chris has us reflect on the ways in which our bodies are responding to it.

Every week is different. A typical "beginner" class will focus on the fundamentals of a few poses, and
explore their similar aims. Some classes focus more on active poses, leaving my muscles thoroughly
worked by the end; others explore more passive positions. Always a central thread is to build a deep
sensing awareness of how the body exists and moves in space. Each class is a treat wherein Chris
shares his depth of understanding about yoga practice and the human body. Furthermore, Chris interacts
substantially with each participant.

I have worked a small amount with several yoga instructors. When I started working with Chris about six
years ago, I quickly realized I had found my teacher. Try one of his classes yourself, and see what you
                                                                                                              Sean Fottrell, 1/23/08
Studio Yoga 6 Reviews
If you are an athlete concerned with alignment, dealing with old injuries, trying to avoid new ones, then
Chris Hoskins may be the teacher for you. I too found Chris at Ironworks. A friend who was a professional
dancer for years introduced me to his classes.

He is everything she promised. Chris will find every single misaligned part of your body and attempt to
slowly bring it back into place. His dance background, both intuitive and academic knowledge of anatomy,
combined with his skill as a yoga instructor make him a first class teacher. I've taken yoga for years and
been an athlete all my life (coach, instructor, college sports, etc.) -- Chris is one of the best teachers I've
come across. Ever. I highly recommend him.
                                                                                                          Deidre Mulligan 1/21/08
I've been a serious student of yoga for over 15 years and have taught for the last 6 years and have to
say that Chris' classes are a treasure. He combines the careful attention to alignment that is the hallmark
of Iyengar with the intuition and grace that comes from the Vinyasa traditions as well has his own dance
He SEES your body and how you're moving, holding, connecting or not connecting. Consequently, what he
tells you is not formulaic - it's personally relevant. And, thankfully, you get a lot of personal attention.   

Personally, he's funny, insightful and his concern for sharing what he knows is evident after your first

I find both his weeknight classes for less advanced students (Tue & Thu @ 6:45) and his more challenging
Sat class (9:30) extremely useful.

If you're a complete beginner, his wealth of info and attention to proper alignment may be a bit much to
take in, but it's where I'd send someone who is serious about developing a practice and wants a more
direct connection to the teacher.
                                                                                                              Bill Milligan, 10/13/07
I started taking yoga classes at Berkeley Ironworks about 5 years ago.  Initially, it was with various
instructors, but I really enjoyed Chris Hoskins teaching, so started seeing him exclusively.  And now, he's
opened up his own studio.

His style is his own, though he combines Iyengar and Hatha. He is all about proper alignment and not
injuring yourself. If you're new to yoga, I highly recommend his Tue & Thu 6:45 class.  His Sat class is
longer and can be a bit challenging for beginners.                                                         
                                                                                                               Unhei Kang, 4/13/07
I started practicing yoga about 3 years ago. I've tried out a couple of studios and teachers and just loved
Chris and his classes. His knowledge of the body and its movement is amazingly thorough. His
adjustments really make each position work for each individual person, regardless of their experience or
ability. He makes sure to keep aware of any of his students' injuries (old or current), and gives great
explanations, once I did, I really 'got' what was supposed to be going on with my body in each of these
poses. Just be warned - this is not for anyone who is looking for a meditative, slow class!

                                                                                                          Melissa Kachura, 2/4/09
I had been going to Yoga classes for 20 years when I started private lessons with Chris Hoskins 6 years
ago.  From the very beginning it was completely different.  It wasn't just that my postures were
misaligned, my biggest problem was focus: quieting my racing mind and feeling what my body was doing.  
Chris did a superb job of getting me to attend to ever subtler alignments and eventually to correct myself,
both mentally and physically.  This in addition to the example of his own practice, have made these years
a truly transformative experience.
                                                                                                       Brenda Webster, 3/5/09
I take individual lessons. Chris adapts the lessons to my age, needs and possibilities; even to the
momentary condition of my body – whether I am tired or fresh, awkward or coordinated. He is sensitive to
me new subtleties to observe and to execute. Chris is demanding but patient, and he wants mindful

My body is being reshaped. I have a more relaxed posture. I feel the strengthening of my legs, the
relaxation of my shoulders and upper body, the depth of my breathing. My back is stronger, strong
enough to withstand 4 hours of horseback riding on a one-time adventure, and to cope with suitcases
when traveling.

Mentally: I have a new awareness and rapport with my body -- an expanding consciousness to see and
do the varied movements that go into a posture. Learning about my body is new to me. I can’t tell you
how interesting, how absorbing, and how rewarding this is.

Chris is a truly special person. To every lesson he brings wisdom (and he can be very witty and funny). He
is in his person what he teaches, and I learn from his being as well as his teaching.

                                                                                                       Ira Lapidus, 8/23/09
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I take the Wednesday noon class with Lisa Ray and have been studying with her for a few years. She is
an incredible teacher. She is careful and thoughtful, and is extremely good at tailoring her classes based
on her students needs. She makes sure that your alignment is correct and she is patient and accepting if
you have difficulty with the postures. I have studied with many other teachers and she is by far my
favorite. She is a fantastic teacher, whether you are brand new to yoga or advanced.

                                                                                                           Jody Hanson, 2/20/08