Small Group Series Class
Studio Yoga 6 Venture from your beaten path
Yoga - Chris Hoskins - Ardha Matsyendrasana
  • Schedule a class time that is most

  • Ideal for colleagues sharing similar

  • Classes are tailored specifically for
    your group  

  • A great way to spend quality time
    and bond with your friends or

  • Smaller class size means more
    individualized teaching

  • A nice way to learn to become
    comfortable in a group class setting
This is a unique class design that it is small; made up of 4-6 students and semi-private. Take class
together with your friends or colleagues. Your group agrees on some days/times you can meet.  You
choose a 1 hr, or a 1½ hr. class. We match our schedule to yours and we do class once a week for a
month, or longer.

Get 3 of your friends or office team members to do the series with you. Create your own practice or study
group, or do it as your own introduction to Yoga series, see
Approaching Your Hatha Yoga Study.
1 hr. Class (price per student)

$120.00 for        or     $150.00 for      
4-week series             5-week series

1½ hr. Class (price per student)

$180.00 for        or     $225.00 for     
4-week series             5-week series

Contact us about how this can work for
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